Billing and Management Made Delectably Simple

Do you own or manage a restaurant, pub, café, or desert bar? If you are still depending on manual methods of management, chances are you are definitely working for way longer hours than you actually need to. The introduction of highly advanced inventory and accounting software in Dubai is proving to be quite a game changer for many establishments now, and we believe that it is high time your business has caught on as well!
Technology has been impacting positively upon different industries across the country for quite a while now. The word around the block is that the food and beverage industry in the UAE is all set to experience a loud boom as they welcome innovation and a much-needed upgrade to their existing management techniques.
Xenia POS Café is a restaurant management software that has been designed keeping in mind the comprehensive needs of food & beverage outlets irrespective of their capacity or location. Encompassing state-of-the-art features, this innovative tool focuses on providing businesses with the ability to manage the venture and facilitate smoother operations.
Features of XENIA POS CAFÉ:
1. Kitchen Order Ticket and Beverage Order Ticket Processing
2. Restaurant and Bar Billing
3. Godown Management
4. Stock Adjustments, Transfers, Production and Storage
5. Separate Stock Category Management for Raw Materials, Food & Beverages
6. Advanced Stock Report and Analysis
7. Recipe Manager
8. Purchase/Sales
9. Stock Aging Analysis
10. Profitable-, Fast- and Slow-Moving Items
11. Salesmen and Tax Reports
12. 24/7 Online Support
Advantages of Using XENIA POS CAFÉ
1. Accessible Anytime, From Anywhere, Using Any Device!
You can check in and update your bar stock from the comfort of your bed or manage your staff while holidaying in Cyprus.
2. Management Made Super Easy
Everything on Xenia literally happens within a few clicks and seconds. You can manage and deliver orders, restock your entire inventory, schedule and juggle between reservations and analyze your profits at the end of the day through a single screen.
Moreover, despite being a feature dense management tool, Xenia’s UI is simple and neat- making it easily usable by business managers and owners-it doesn’t really matter whether you are tech savvy or not.
3. Real Time Reporting
Instantly generated comprehensive and detailed online reports are available and can be easily accessed using the software to track the events occurring at the establishment at a single glance. No more worries about stocks running out or delayed deliveries- be on top of every function using Xenia.
4. Increased Profitability and Cashflow
A survey conducted a couple of years back actually set out to prove that organization ms that incorporated technological assistance for their management needs actually increased their productivity as well as saved tonnes of time in the long run which inevitably lead to their business booming and cashflow increasing significantly.
So what is it that you are waiting for? Click here to reach out to us or Download our brochure for more information regarding our software which is quite highly regarded as the best restaurant billing software in the country.