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Xenia POS is a VAT ready inventory and accounting software, designed specifically for small to large scale inventory heavy business. With the help of this one powerful interface you will be able to perform your day to day business tasks like Powerful Inventory Control, Label Printing, , Windows Based / DOS Based Printing, Inventory &Accounting, User-definable Optional Fields in Masters and Vouchers, Export Facility for each report to Excel, PDF, Unlimited Fully Configurable Invoice Formats, Multi Company management, Intelligent Outstanding Analysis and more.

In this fast paced and complicated business world Xenia POS also ensures its customers an easy to use, accurate, fast and up-to-date software system, which will connect all the dots of your business, enforcing an easy management and well accounted system. The applicability of Xenia POS is a plenty starting from Retail Shops, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Distributors, Textile, Footwear, Hospitals and even Manufacturing etc. Our team is highly dedicated to cater your needs, in order to custom fit Xenia POS as per your custom requirement.

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Our benifits

No Complications.

Xenia POS is designed with a common mans perspective; it offers a straightforward accounting and inventory system which is very easy to learn. The battle of learning and understanding this system has been eliminated to the very least level.

Inventory Control

Manage day to day operations like Stock Status, Inventory Register, Stock Valuation on Multiple Methods, Group Wise, Item Wise, City Wise Summaries of Sales and Purchases which helps a hassle-free and accurate inventory control, saving your business valuable time and money.

Handy Invoicing & POS

No struggle in making invoices like Form 8 & 8B and estimates. Our software is easy to integrate with a Touch Screen Based POS and compatible with Windows based Desktop or tablet. It’s even equipped with Multi Mode Payment Option too.


Gives you the ultimate confidence to stay on top of your finances with 100’s of reports like Sales, Purchase, Inventory & Accounting, Stock Level, Expiry report ,VAT with E-Filing, C-Form, F-Form, Bank Reconciliation and many more.

Research & Boost

Complete research of your business is just a click away. We give you Bill Wise Profit, Item Wise Profit, Monthly Sale and Purchase Analytics, MIS reports etc. to give you an exact idea where you business is going, assisting to take necessary actions to either keep the steady pace or give it a boost.

Best Accountant

Xenia helps you keep track of all your financial accounts. With a world-class stock management and inventory control software you will be able to maintain Day Book, Ledger, Cash Book Payment / Receipt Registers, P&L Account, Balance Sheet etc, just like an experienced accountant.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, Xenia has a cool dashboard that shows the current business status in your screen.
Yes, you can change & edit all your items yourself quickly.
Yes, you can import master data such as Item, Categories, Manufacturers, Customers, Vendors from excel file with existing item stock, customer & vendor outstanding.
Yes, Xenia have Loyalty Manager. You can simply configure & can assign to customers. Loyalty points will work out according to their purchase. You can redeem their points after reaching the limit, that you are set.
Yes, you can set your own invoice prefix like COMPANYCODE/19-20/XXX
Yes, while you are saving your first bill, Xenia will ask for Starting Invoice Number. Invoice number will start from the number you are giving here.
Yes, Xenia have price list feature. You can create unlimited rates according to your requirement.
Xenia have a Re Order Level (ROL) feature. In ROL, give the quantity that you have to maintain in shop. You can regularly check ROL report to get items that below required stock.
You can give Rack Number or name in item master. It can be show while searching item.
Yes, while you search for an item, you will get current stock quantity.
Yes, you can assign price list to your customers. By this feature, you can bill to Yes, you can assign price list to your customers. By this feature, you can bill to your customers without bothering their rates. Price list assigned rate will automatically come.
Yes, you can select your salesman in the time of billing. You will also get salesman wise report for your analysis.
In xenia, you can assign salesman to your customers. While you creating your customers, just select the salesman according to that customer. Then you don’t need to worry about selecting proper salesman while billing.
Yes, xenia have barcode feature. You can scan product barcode.
Xenia will assign an automatic barcode to the products, which have no barcodes. You can print the barcode, stick it on your products.
Yes, you can use barcode printing weighing scale with xenia for your live weighing products like vegetables, dry fruits etc.
Yes, you can place sales orders against your customer and can convert orders to bill.
Yes, you can use touch POS in billing counter for billing.
Yes, xenia POS Pro is multi user software.
You will get every counter wise and user wise sales report.
Yes, you can create customers at the time of billing.
Sure, you can give credit bill to your customer. Anytime you can check outstanding. When your customer give cash, you can enter it on receipt according to that customer.
In receipt, you have a section to enter cheque details. In cheque date, give the PDC date. It will not affect to customer outstanding without your confirmation.
You will get different type of report such as Invoice wise, item wise, category wise, manufacturer wise from sales & purchase report, Closing stock report, Accounts reports, profit reports etc
All reports can be exported to excel, pdf, also you can directly print.
Xenia will generate an automatic backup to your desired folder. Also, you can take manual backup to secondary storage devices such as External Hard disc, Pen drive etc.

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Xenia Reports App Generate Sales Reports and various type of Analysis Reports

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Xenia Inventory & Accounting Software

Xenia Provides a Complete Business ERP Software that caters to every need of modern day business tycoons.

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    Xenia has made our regular operations easier and more efficient to take accurate reports. It really fits right into our operational flow.Xenia has played an important role in standardizing our ticketing and park transactions.

    N.K. Kurian

    Managing Director(Mango Meadows)

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    You are giving the very best support of any company that I have ever dealt with. I am truly amazed at how quickly you always respond to questions that we have. You seem to be waiting there just to answer our questions. Your wonderful service is what any company should strive towards.

    Ameen kallolil Abdul Latheef

    Managing Director(Hani IT Solutions)

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    We decided that Xenia was the tool to use because, it met ourrequirements. Our journey has been with continuous innovation & expansion. Support is remarkable with quick responds within assured time.

    Mr. Biju

    Managing Director(Ambiswamys Veg Restaurant)

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    We have been using xenia about 4 years and we love the system so much. The support that we are getting from the staff is professional and they are very patient to make sure that we are properly learning to use the program.

    Mr. Shalimar

    Managing Director(Silver storm)

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    I am in total love with the solution. It has encouraged me to dream bigger about my business.

    Mr. Fazil

    Managing Director(Desi Cuppa)

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